The Bai'shen Prophecies
Dark Beginnings
‘Dark Beginnings’ is an adventure that takes place in northern Ballidrous in the Kingdom of Castiel for characters starting at 1st level and up to 4th level, centering on the
prophetic theme.  This is a
stand-alone adventure or can
be first adventure in the series, followed by ‘Forlorn Brotherhood’ and finishing with
‘Crimson Rapture’.        

The Bai’shen Prophecies are a collection of oral poems and hymns known by Bai’shen’s disciples.  His followers travel from town to town spreading these divine inspirations in hope to understand the paths of fate.  After the Shadow Times, most took a vow of poverty and have attempted to leave all material possessions and desires behind as a means to gain greater enlightenment. 

At the brink of collapse and despair, a few of the followers of Castiann, the elven Father God, see the wisdom in understanding their banished children of Bai’shen.  They fear though that it maybe too late in these ‘Dark Beginnings’.

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