The Chronicles of Ballidrous is structured like a collection of books to tell the stories of heroic adventurers.  Each book offers multiple storylines that advance with their chapters.  The storylines follow a chronological order for that series of adventures and supports the changes in the surrounding world.  They also set the stage for other adventures and provide new material in that region.  The gamemaster also has the option to switch to another storyline if they wish to change the pace or to experience another theme within the campaign setting.

The First Chronicle - The Bai�shen Prophecies:

The Bai�shen Prophecies takes place in northern Ballidrous among the rising, human kingdoms and the collapsing elven empire.  As the region tries to find stability, an ancient and forgotten enemy has begun its conquest just as the Bai�shen Prophecies have long foretold. 

The first chapter starts with four storylines that continue as a series of three adventure sets. Each storyline in the chronicle has a designed theme so that gamemasters and players can choose what type of adventure they will experience. 

The themes for the first four storylines are; a battle theme, an arcana theme, a prophetic theme, and a rogue theme.

Battle Theme (BT) - focuses on combat situations
Arcana Theme (AT) - focuses on the mystical arts and studies
Prophetic Theme (PT) - the main storyline for the Bai�shen Prophecies
Rogue Theme (RT) - focuses on working in a thieves� guild or crew

Chapter 1 - First Wave

Dark Tides   (BT)
Dark Bindings  (AT)
Dark Beginnings  (PT)
Dark Fortunes  (RT)

Chapter 2 - Blood Spilled

Forlorn Blades   (BT)
Forlorn Paths  (AT)
Forlorn Brotherhood  (PT)
Forlorn Sails  (RT)

Chapter 3 - Revelations

Crimson Crucible   (BT)
Crimson Rites  (AT)
Crimson Rapture  (PT)
Crimson Masks  (RT)

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